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What is Monero?
It is the #1 privacy cryptocurrency, it is secure, and untraceable
Its algorithm, RandomX, is CPU Only, meaning any computer can mine it. So how do you mine it?

Typically when someone buys stock or cryptocurrency, they buy right now, at the current price, this is called a marker order

With a limit order, you set a lower price you want to buy at and wait, you believe the price will dip down in the future and you want to be setup to catch the dip.

These exchanges support limit orders for HEX

Both are an aggregators, so they look at prices across multiple decentralized exchanges, so you always get the best price!

Place free limit orders on! — The HEX TV Guide!

Watch daily livestreams and videos about HEX, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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    across Youtube, Twitch, and Theta
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HEXstreamers is addicting to use, There's always new content!
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### Richard Heart
I think the important thing to note here
is that in normal l2 (Layer 2) stuff people have built on hex

They get peoples hex out of their hands and they dump them
so the HEXicans get less hex.
and the price gets hurt too

In this… is the #1 mobile app for HEX, it allows you to easily view and track your portfolio — Just download the mobile app and enter your Ethereum address.

Stef Codjia left Google to work full time on the project, alongside Sam Presnal (Firebun), their hard work has led to…
“Build something cool, build encapsulated HEX stakes that operate on Layer 2, people can get in and get out and trade their Layer 2 HEX stakes … will increase complexity, but it will be cheaper” -Richard Heart -Source: is a Layer 2 smart contract above HEX, stakes created…

A few months ago, the founder of BiblePay, Rob Andrews, entered a proposal into the BiblePay blockchain. It requested 6 million BiblePay coins be used to build two water wells in Pakistan, and help hundreds of children receive clean water each day.

“According to the Pakistan Council of Research in…

Mandatory Upgrade v1.5.2.2

Download Wallet:

** v1.5.2.2 Upgrade and Usage Information ***

  • Automatic Price Mooning
  • Proof of Orphan Sponsorship
  • Dash Staking
  • Sidechain Storage
  • Coin Age Voting
  • and more!

New Block Reward Breakdown:

  • 8.75% Monthly Budget
    — 50.0% IT (Software, Technology)
    — 25.0% PR, P2P (Advertising, Pay to…


HEX, Pulsechain, Uniswap, Defi

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